Life and Sober Coaching

Still Water offers coaching and assistance for people in the process of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Sober coaching is for anyone and everyone who is healing from addiction and needs help staying on track through the process of recovery.

Sober Coaching simply put is a clean and sober companion who assists you in the process of becoming and remaining sober. Sober Coaching is a great option for those who are either right out of treatment or looking for alternative forms of treatment. Sobriety is a minute by minute choice one makes and when major life events occur during your journey of becoming or staying sober it is a smart to have a Sober Coach by your side.

Through our experience providing Sober Coaching, Still Water ensures that we will match you with the best coach for you. We use professionals who have had great success in their own sobriety journey and are passionate about bringing others into freedom from addiction.

If you or a loved one is coming out of treatment or looking for a sober coach to provide an alternative form of treatment we are here for you today at Still Water.

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